Daichi Kitazawa (北沢 大地 Kitazawa Daichi) is a secondary character in Kitchen Princess. He is a student at Seika Academy. He is the first boy Najika met when she came to Seika Academy.

Appearance Edit

Daichi has short brown hair and golden brown eyes. He is tall and slim, with a lean build of that of a basketball player (as he has won the national basketball championships before). He is normally seen wearing sports clothes, the school uniform, or a t-shirt and some jeans. He normally leaves his hair ruffled up, more according to his personality, unlike Sora's, which is straight and neat.

Personality Edit

Daichi is very aloof and often sarcastic most of the time. He often teases Najika in a playful manner, but he's unaware that it comes off as flirting or banter between him and Najika. His nickname for her in the beginning is "monkey" because of the events on her first day at the academy. He does get along with her sometimes, but it takes him a while before he realizes his feelings for her.

He doesn't get along well with his older brother because he feels that his decision on their father's second marriage was betraying his mother. When he's with him, he's often closed or reserved. Just mentioning him during Najika's first term upset him.

His relationship with Akane is different, though. He sees her as a friend only, but doesn't know that she has a crush on him. They got along well when they were kids and sometimes as teenagers, but their relationship changed when Najika attends Seika Academy.

He appears to be the "Flan Prince", but no one really knows.

Relationships Edit

Najika Kazami Edit

Daichi came to tease her, but soon realized he had feelings for her. At the end, he himself realized he is Najika's flan prince. Najika's second love in Daichi, right after Sora.

Sora Kitazawa Edit

He doesn't get along with his older brother Sora and therefore lives in the dorms. Daichi becomes Najika's boyfriend later on in the series and is considered the main male protagonist of Kitchen Princess.

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