Fujita (フジタ Fujita) is a tertiary character in Kitchen Princess. He is the owner of Fujita Diner, an on-campus restaurant that gained a better reputation after Najika started working for him. He is said to have inherited Fujita Diner from a relative and he now works there as a lazy bum of a chef. However, Fujita has trained at the well-respected, high class cooking school of Etoille in his past. 


Mr. Fujita is often seen wearing a bandana on his head and casual shirts as opposed to a standard uniform. He also has a cigarette in his mouth from time to time. He has dark hair that reaches his shoulders. Fujita is normally a sloppy man, with shaggy hair. He does not appear appealing but can look remarkably handsome when he shaves and cleans himself up.


He's a talented cook, but is extremely lazy. He depends on Najika and her friends to help run his diner most of the time. However, when he feels like it, he can be helpful by supplying recipes he knows and helping Najika and her friends with their problems. He's actually really nice, despite his chronic lazy habits.


Fujita used to work at a three star restaurant in Paris called Etoille. His mentor was Najika's mother. He stopped working at Etoille because he was accused by his girlfriend, Yuri of poisoning the customers.


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Najika KazamiEdit

Fujita acts as a sort of mentor to Najika.


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