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Najika and Flan (ナジカとプリン Najika to Purin?) is the first chapter of the first volume and the first chapter overall of Kitchen Princess. It was written by Miyuki Kobayashi and illustrated by Natsumi Andō.

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Najika Kazami prepares to leave Lavender House and go to school at Seika Academy. There, she hopes to find her "Flan Prince", but little does she know that there are more manipulative forces behind the dreamy academy. 

Summary Edit

Najika prepares to leave her sheltered orphanage home after she is accepted into Seika Academy for her cooking prowess. She is seen playing a tasting game with the rest of the kids at her going-away party, and reflects on her past. She remembers her parents' death and feeling lonely, but that a young boy found her crying and gave her a cup of flan, bringing light into her dark world. After he disappeared, Najika is left with only the spoon he offered to her for the dessert and she is determined to find her "Flan Prince". The spoon leads her to Seika Academy, which she leaves home to attend. After being shown to her dorm room at the academy, Najika is evidently overwhelmed and excited. However, as she leaves her room against her usher's wishes, she climbs a tree and slips, faling into the arms of a boy named Daichi Kitazawa, who also happens to be ditching and angrily calls her a monkey. After a bit of retorting banter, Daichi offers to show Najika back to her dorm room. On their way back, they come across a girl who calls Daichi out, happily saying that since he ditched, he missed making flan, and she offers him her own quirky-looking try at making flan. Daichi coldly rejects the "failure of a flan" and nearly sends the girl into tears, but suddenly, a boy appears and chastises Daichi for being ungentlemanly. Claiming to be his brother, the two begin to argue and in a rage, Daichi sends the flan flying. However, he dismisses the ruined flan, claiming that it was bad anyways. Angered, Najika finally snaps, yelling at Daichi for wasting food, as she reflects on how she could never waste food as an orphan. She offers to help remake the flan, and the group of four borrow the cooking room to recreate the dessert. Slowly, Najika teaches the girl how to make flan, using different techniques and surprising everyone watching. Even more surprisingly, the flan turns out perfectly. The students begin to wonder who Najika is, and she happily tells them she will be joining the special Class A, shocking all her classmates. Sora immediately recognizes she is the special student, and so, Najika's whirlwind school life begins.

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