Nanase Kazami (風見 七瀬 Kazami Nanase) was Najika's father. He was an internationally famous pastry chef and harboured amazing skills. They are referred to as 'legendary' and according to Fujita-san, 'There isn't a pastry chef in the world who doesn't know their names.'


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Nanase was known for his new and innovative desserts.

On the way to the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, there was an accident and both passed away, thus leaving Najika to live at Lavender House.

Both parents have always given Najika advice on both cooking and life, making her the girl she is. Their advice is shown throughout the manga, and are what Najika cooks and live for.


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  • When Najika was young and fought with a friend, Kaori would always make her an apple snack because the scent of apples has a soothing effect.


  • (To Najika) "Water is the source of life. That's why you need both the tongue and the heart to taste a cup of water. Or else you can't make delicious food."
  • (To Najika)"Because... we think of you and make it from the heart. Food becomes "a dish" when you make it from the heart. That's why we always think of the person eating it when we make something."

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