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Sora Kitazawa (北沢 空 Kitazawa Sora?) was a secondary protagonist in Kitchen Princess. He was the student body president and temporarily served as the director of the academy while his father was away.

Appearance Edit

Sora was portrayed as a very handsome, charming young man. He had neat blonde hair and slim fingers, ideal for his piano playing. Sora is quite tall and has a lithe stature. He is normally seen in his school uniform, as he is also substitute director at Seika.

Personality Edit

Sora was a very kind, caring type of person. He was friendly to everyone, as shown in the manga, a contrast to Daichi. However, his kindness put him in a difficult position with his father, as he was constantly used by his father to manipulate Najika, whom he loves. Sora is shown to be intelligent and obedient, but also has his own ideas, like when he finally told his father off. He had a sunny personality, and combined with his looks, upbringing, connections, and intelligence, Sora was extremely popular and constantly admired.

Plot Edit

In chapter 23, he went out to buy vanilla beans for Najika's cooking contest. However on the way home, he was hit by a truck. It was later revealed that he lied about being the "Flan Prince". He soon died in the hospital.

Relationships Edit

Daichi Kitazawa Edit

He had a difficult relationship with his younger brother, Daichi, who has resented him because he supported their father's marriage to their stepmother when they were younger.

Najika Kazami Edit

He became one of Najika's first friends and her primary crush. He supported her talent for cooking and tasting ingredients in food. As the series continues, he came to love Najika.

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